Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oslo? Copenhagen? Health Care? Patriot Act? Afghanistan? Bank Bailout? Here's a, well, at least a partial solution. OK, very partial. Minute. Infinitesimal. Personal.

Recipe for Buyer's Remorse Bumper Sticker Removal:

1 plastic squeeze bottle, 3" tall -- 69¢
Stock bottle of commercial (like Goo-gone) or home-made sticker/goo removers. For the latter, see
1 Envelope of 12 cotton balls, one for each of the days of $mas.
1 label, illustrated above, or of your own creation. I allow free use of name and concept.

Test whatever remover you have chosen on a small part of your own bumper. (Recommended by Responsible Radicals Assn.)
Fill small bottles from stock, and attach label with rubber cement.

For a printable file of the right-size version, contact me at, or download it from my public folder at

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